OLIVIA: That was a fabulous round today, can you talk us through it?

RHEIN GIBSON: Yeah, I started bogey bogey to go to 9 over for the Tournament and yeah, really didn’t want to be here. Thought back to Pampling’s round on Sunday, he bogied the first shot 10 under around the Aussie.

Hit it over the back on, what’s that, the 3rd for two and got up and down for birdie, then birdied 4, three putted 5 for bogey and then chipped in for eagle on 9, which was the turning point; kind of gave me a sniff of making the cut, because that was really my main goal today, after playing so poorly yesterday.

Kind of caught fire there the last six, seven holes.

Q. How does that compare to the 55?

RHEIN GIBSON: Under Tournament conditions, this course is tough. The greens are firm, they’re like cricket pitches and they’re not very true either, because they’re so new.

To be able to do that on a Friday to make the cut and get back in contention, it’s probably better than 55.

Q. You had a chance last week Rhein at the Aussie Open. Is that motivating you a bit this week or how did you pull up after that?

RHEIN GIBSON: Yeah, I was a little disappointed, even though I had a chance to win but didn’t, I would have loved to have got the British Open spot. I didn’t expect Pampling to shoot 10 under to steal one and then Nick Cullen obviously played well, so that really kind of pissed me off last week.

But that’s all right; I’ve had a tournament up here. It didn’t go how I wanted it to yesterday but yeah, got it back today.

Q. Did it take a bit of getting over the fact that last day of the Open?

RHEIN GIBSON: No, I get over stuff pretty quickly to be honest; it didn’t really worry me.

Q. How are the conditions today compared to yesterday?

RHEIN GIBSON: The wind’s maybe not as tough but it’s still tough out there. It’s hard to predict where it’s coming from, especially when you get along those trees along the fence line. So yeah, I’m pretty stoked with the 64.

Q. Were you planning to return to Lismore if you hadn’t made the cut?

RHEIN GIBSON: Yeah, pretty much, probably play in the comp tomorrow at Lismore but now I’ve got a tee time up here, so a little better.

Q. You’ve got to can that one?

RHEIN GIBSON: Yeah, exactly.

Q. Some players catch fire as you called it and maybe shoot 2, 3 or 4 under for a 9. You catch fire and you just go crazy. Have you got any vibes about, did you feel like you were in a zone or did you feel like everything’s going exactly right for you?

RHEIN GIBSON: I’m not necessarily thinking about the score, I take each hole as it is and try to hit the right shot that it’s calling for; whether it’s 20 feet to the right, putt across the green or intentionally miss the green short and get an up and down for birdie on a par 5. I just try to play what the hole gives me and play percentages.

Q. Going on the PGA Tour what have you found in terms of feeling comfortable there and what have you learnt in that time?

RHEIN GIBSON: I’ve felt pretty comfortable out there. I was actually playing better than what my results have shown; really struggled with the putter. Put a new putter in for the Australian Open and it’s working wonders.

Q. What sort of putter is it?

RHEIN GIBSON: Scottie Cameron.

Q. Obviously if you can replicate that over the weekend you’re a massive chance of winning this Tournament obviously.

RHEIN GIBSON: I would think so. I mean, obviously double digits isn’t going to win this week. Four, 5, 6 under is probably going to win, if that, if the wind stays up, even par scores around here is pretty good.

Q. How do you describe your round then, it’s pretty good?

RHEIN GIBSON: Surreal mate. I played the last 10 holes, whatever, 8, 9 under whatever I did, so that 9 holes got me back in the Tournament.

Q. You know you’re going that low, you’re not just signing the score card?

RHEIN GIBSON: Yeah, pretty much. I holed a couple of good ones and then started hitting quality shots in there. The ones you expect to make, I hit one there 8 feet on par 5 and made it. They’re the ones you need to make and then the next par 3 I made one down the slope and you don’t expect to make that.

Yeah, I just had it going for the 9 holes.

Q. Do you come home now and expect to be on the leader board. You’ve obviously been on the leader board the last few years and you’re playing on the PGA Tour now, do you expect to be on the leader board? Is that what you expect of yourself?

RHEIN GIBSON: Yeah somewhat. I know my game’s good enough. If I’m playing the PGA Tour there’s no reason why I can’t contend in these events.

I was a little bummed out after my round yesterday, I just couldn’t get anything going yesterday and really struggled on the greens. My speed was horrible yesterday, so it was good to come out and make a couple today.

Q. What did you hit into the 12th, that was the 8 foot one?

RHEIN GIBSON: My 3 hybrid.

Q. How far out would that have been?

RHEIN GIBSON: I think I had 205 metres front, I think about 235 metres back to the hole.

Q. Where are you basing yourself in the US?

RHEIN GIBSON: Oklahoma City.

Q. Any particular reason there?

RHEIN GIBSON: Went to school there, my wife’s from there, her family lives there, so it’s really all I know.

Q. Is the Thunder your team?

RHEIN GIBSON: Thunder yeah.

Q. Do you go along a little bit?

RHEIN GIBSON: I go quite a bit, yeah.

Q. Favourite player?

RHEIN GIBSON: Probably Durant.

Q. That round of Edmond’s, was that in the competition round?

RHEIN GIBSON: No it wasn’t, it was just a Saturday morning round with my friends. We just go out and gamble; a bunch of pros and amateurs. They don’t have organised competitions like they do out here in Australia. That’s why you kind of see the American handicaps be a little skewed as far as the pluses

OLIVIA: Thanks very much.