Q. Two different days.

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, it was a more efficient better, 17 green so it was better. It’s tough when the rain comes and goes and then windy as can be and then it kind of laid down and now it’s actually picking up; so it’s tricky.

Q. You were expecting Aussie weather and you got Scottish weather.

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, it’s a shocker. Last week was windy as can be, but yeah, it’s fun.

Q. Were you expecting to do well, were you sure it was coming up?

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, I had a good end to the year, kind of normal last year, but I had a good end to the year, Dubai, China, Turkey, Hong Kong. I was playing well.

Last year was kind of strange, I don’t know what really happened so I wasn’t really too worried about it. I felt like I was going to play well.

Q. What did you think about today after yesterday, did you think you could play some good shots?

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, just be patient really. My goal was to hit every green and I didn’t get that chance on 12 but other than I took every chance I had at every green. I was just trying to – even if I had a wedge, I was just trying to hitting the ball well and I was able to do that today.

Q. You have attracted a fair bit of attention to yourself over the last couple of days playing in the Marquee group, how have you found the Aussie fans?

PETER UIHLEIN: They’re good, they’re fun, they’re boisterous I guess is the term. They’re good, they’re fun and they enjoy golf. There were a couple of guys down there this morning, so it was good.

Q. Two days to go, what’s the thought process, a very compressed sort of thing?

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, it just depends on the weather. It can become a patient grind day, but if it’s laying flat [INAUDIBLE] it just all depends on the weather on tomorrow.

Q. Tomorrow you can see what you want to do, late tee times, that’s where you want to be.

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, yeah much better than that 6:10 tee time on Thursday.