Q.  What’s your emotion, let’s do this?

LUCAS HERBERT:  You know what, I’m not that bad.  I probably got fairly tired there towards the end, which was a struggle and I sort of had a bit of a funny feeling in the stomach there later in the round.  But I was really proud of the way I held it out and I guess didn’t throw it in.  Last year I was in a similar position, had a really good chance going into the back 9 and I just, it was tired, mellow tired swings, probably bad decisions and probably threw away a fair few shots there, whereas this year I didn’t do that.  I really ground it out and I was a chance still with two to play, birdie, eagle and I was still a chance. 

So, I was really proud of the way I did that.  obviously, it’s disappointing that I didn’t win, that front 9 there felt really good, so it was just – there’s too many positives to worry about the negatives at the moment.

Q.  Someone as fit and as strong as you are, what does it tell you that you’re so tired?

LUCAS HERBERT:  Just more mentally, mate.  I’ve been in the lead since nine holes in Friday, and then burnt a lot Friday night knowing I was playing with Jason Saturday, so to explain it to people who are not in that position, it’s just mentally so draining being up near the lead, because your mind just wants to run flat out and you can’t get it to stop.  You just can’t stop it; it just wants to run and so that just makes you so tired that way. 

I come off the course yesterday, went home, had food, had a shower and just basically went to bed at like eight o’clock, 8.30.  I had no interest in staying up and watching any TV.  I had a sleep in this morning.  It just drains you so much.

Q.  Lucas, two weeks and two close calls in two big events.  There’s got to be positives in that; it might be hard to see right now. 

LUCAS HERBERT:  Mate, I’ve just made the top 10 twice in two tier one events.  Two top 10s within two weeks, there’s only positives in there.  I can’t really – obviously it would have been nice to win, but if I put myself in that situation enough times, I’m going to win them.  Eventually I’m going to get there.  I’ve got so many more years left ahead of me, so I’m not stressed.

Q.  I forget you’re 21; do you forget you’re 21?  You’re still a kid almost.

LUCAS HERBERT:  I don’t think I’ll forget that I’m 21 tonight. 

Q.  You always give something.

LUCAS HERBERT:  Out on the course, I try and have some sort of maturity about me, which sometimes it’s portrayed that way.

Q.  You’ve had two invaluable rounds with a legend.  You’ve done a thousand things in your amateur career and it was a great start to your pro career, that’s got to be a massive learning curve right there, playing with him?

LUCAS HERBERT:  Yeah, absolutely.  It’s good to see the way he played, and it was just interesting to see the way he hit some shots and the way his ball reacted in the air, especially with it being really windy, just the way it reacted in the air differently to mine and just you could tell the way he was trying to hit different shots was different, and that’s something I can take away.  After next week I’ll go back and have a look and really nut out what it was that made him different.  So yeah, it was very valuable experience playing with him, having big crowds around and being up near the lead was also – every time I do that, that’s another great experience.

Q. Do you think those two weeks in contention and your mental energy you’ve spent, is that something you’re going to reflect on, is that how you might do that differently in your preparation?

LUCAS HERBERT:  Yeah, to an extent.  I thought I did a pretty good job this week of, you know, I kept the distractions away, my phone was off and not being looked at from Thursday I think, after I played well the first round, I just left it alone.  I was trying to take it pretty easy at night and really hydrate well, try and eat some reasonably good food.

I thought I did a fairly good job of that sort of stuff that I probably didn’t do last year in the same situation, so yeah, it’s definitely, maybe it’s something to look at over Summer, I actually just got a Fitbit in the last month, month and a half, and started using it, because I was interested to see how much energy am I burning every day and how many steps am I taking and is that something to look at?  Do I need to get fitter in terms of being able to be out there longer and still focused?  I think I can hit it far enough, it’s just maybe the endurance out there, maybe I need to work on.