John Young Kim | 2013 Emirates Australian Open | Round 1 Green side quote | 28 Nov 13

Q.  You must be really pleased with yourself, that was a great round?

JOHN YOUNG KIM:  Yeah, I hit the ball so good today, it was unbelievable.  I made a lot of putts on the back nine, that helped too.

Q.  This is what, your third time of playing this course?

JOHN YOUNG KIM: My third time, yeah.

Q.  Did you like the look of it from the beginning?

JOHN YOUNG KIM: I did.  It suits my eyes really well.  In fact kind of on the shorter side, narrow, a lot of lakes, trees, treeline course; the type of course that really suits my eyes.

Q.  It’s great to see you and Ryan, both Q School graduates in joint second place with the world number two, Adam Scott up ahead.  How do you feel about that?

JOHN YOUNG KIM:  It feels good.  Adam played great today.  I was actually watching his highlights right before I teed off.  It was unbelievable.  Today I played great.  I wasn’t even thinking about where I sit and where I was standing.  I don’t know, I wasn’t really aware of how well I was playing or scoring, I was just out there just trying to hit every shot as best as I can.  Obviously this is where I was placed at the end of the day and it feels amazing.

Q.  Have you been in a zone like this before, do you think?

JOHN YOUNG KIM: No, not recently, no.  [LAUGHS]  I’ve had some pretty bad moments this year, but glad that it came back at the right time.

Q.  For the Aussie media, they’ll want to know, this is your first trip to Australia, isn’t it?


Q.  What do you think?  I know on Facebook you’ve been praising it?

JOHN YOUNG KIM: I love it.  I wouldn’t mind living here.  The weather’s great.  It’s a little windy but I can deal with it and just the people.  Everything is just so beautiful out here.

Q.  You’ll be starting early tomorrow morning, what’s your strategy going to be?

JOHN YOUNG KIM: Stick to the same thing and don’t try and do anything special out there.  Just hit the green, two putt and just get out there.

Q.  The last questions for the Aussie media again, just a little bit of your background, you were born in Korea?

JOHN YOUNG KIM: I was born in the States.

Q.  Your folks are Korean, right?


Q.  How old are you?


Q.  And you turned pro earlier this year. Just before Q School was it?

JOHN YOUNG KIM: Yeah, just before Q School.