Q. 68 is a great start in the Australian Open, now happy do you feel with that today?

JODI EWART SHADOFF:  Very happy, it’s my first round of the season, so yeah, it’s good to get off to a solid start.  I birdied the first three holes, so that was nice.  But yeah, it was solid all day.  I can’t really complain given that it’s my first round of the season.

Q.  What have you been doing to prepare before coming to here?

JODI EWART SHADOFF:  A lot of short game, trying to find a putter that really works.  Just sorting out equipment, I’ve got some really good clubs that I like right now, just working a little bit more on the mental side of the game too.  I’m just trying to feel like whatever happens, happens out there and not trying to get too down if I play bad.  Hopefully I play good.  So, overall, yeah, it was good.

Q.  New in your bag, have you got a new set of clubs or new putter?

JODI EWART SHADOFF:  I do have new irons.  I actually have pretty much a whole set of new clubs.

Q.  Who’s the brand?

JODI EWART SHADOFF:  Titleist irons and I have a Scottie putter and one of my sponsors is TPT Golf, which is a Swiss shaft company and I have one of the new shafts of the season, and it’s really nice. I mean, I hit 12 fairways today, so I’m really hitting the driver well.  That’s exciting, because most of the time my driver in the past has let me down, so I’m excited, I really like my driver this season.

Q.  How many times have you been to the women’s Australian Open and how have you done here?

JODI EWART SHADOFF:  In Adelaide I’ve been all three times.  The past couple of years I’ve finished top 25 in both, so I seem to like every year.  The golf course is great this year.  It’s very similar to the other ones, so I like that.  I like that you have to be a solid ball striker, the greens are tough and they’re hard to read as well, so you just have to be kind of sharp this week.

Q.  You’ve been on Tour a few years but you’re still yet to get your first Pro win?


Q.  Do you feel like it’s coming, that your game’s moving on?

JODI EWART SHADOFF:  Yeah, I think in the past the mental side of my game has just let me down a little bit, I’m just trying to force it to happen too much.  But you know, if it happens, it happens.

Q.  Just a word about your biggest fan, your husband, who’s also a TV anchor, sports anchor?

JODI EWART SHADOFF:  Mm-hmm, sports anchor.

Q.  Does he ever report on you?

JODI EWART SHADOFF:  He works for the Fox station in Orlando, so Fox 35.  If I play well, yeah.  In the British Open he mentioned me, pretty much forced him to.