Q.  How did you feel like you played?

JHONATTAN VEGAS:  I feel like I had a great round today.  Obviously I didn’t really get the score I really wanted to, even though I had a great start, but it’s still a solid round; first time playing in Australia.  I came down here, I fell in love with the place, so a fun week, for sure.

Q.  Have you had a chance to get out and see some sights of Sydney?

JHONATTAN VEGAS:  I have, I have, phenomenal city to be honest.  If it wasn’t that far away from where I lived, I would have come more often, but I’m definitely going to make my way here a few more times.

Q.  And you head down to Melbourne next week to play with your brother.  Have you heard much about Kingston Heath?

JHONATTAN VEGAS:  I mean, I played with Adam the first two days and he was telling me a lot about it and supposedly it’s a really, short hard golf course.  We don’t play that way in the US as much, so I’m excited to see it. I’m excited to be there and play with my brother.

Q.  How would you rate Royal Sydney?

JHONATTAN VEGAS:  It’s a definite top class golf course.  Obviously the wind makes a huge difference here and the harder it blows, the harder the course plays, but it’s a fun course to play, for sure.

Q.  You certainly seemed to gather a bit of a following out here with some of the Australian fans this week, could we see you back here in 2017 for the Emirates Australian Open?

JHONATTAN VEGAS:  Sure, I mean, it’s going to be definitely under my consideration, especially how much fun I had here this week.  So, it’s definitely a great way to finish every year.

Q.  Thanks for joining us today and good luck next week in the World Cup.

JHONATTAN VEGAS:  Thank you guys.