OLIVIA: Welcome to RACV Royal Pines. It’s a course that carries some good memories for you. You’ve played the course as a rookie before, winning the Kel Nagel Plate and finishing third behind Adam Scott and Rickie Fowler, so that’s a pretty good effort. How are you feeling?

JACK WILSON: Yeah, I really like it up here. I think it’s a golf course although I didn’t get to play last year because I was at Web Q-School but I got out on Tuesday and saw the changes round the front 9 and was pretty happy.

The back 9s certainly more interesting again; there’s a lot going on out there to sort of take a bit of notice of and I went out and walked it again yesterday to try and get a bit more of an understanding. Unfortunately it probably didn’t help me, dropped a few shots around there, but I really like it tee to green here. It suits my eye and for some reason I feel a bit comfortable out here. It’s probably because of that result a couple of years ago.

OLIVIA: Actually you’re the last man in the field?

JACK WILSON: Yeah I am. I was first alternate last week and I was sort of waiting on the edge hoping for an invite this week and unfortunately my CV wasn’t good enough to get one of those. I was just waiting around.

I went to pre-qualifying Monday and after finishing on Monday, not doing any good, I found out I’d come in a few spots and I was getting close and then I got the good message Monday night saying I was in, so a big relief; looking forward to the rest of the week, should be good.

OLIVIA: How is the front 9 comparing to the back 9 for you, it’s so new?

JACK WILSON: I think the front 9 was already done last year I believe. The back 9 being the newer 9. You can certainly tell the difference. The turf on the front 9, you can tell that it’s been there for a little bit longer. The greens are very different around the front 9 to the back 9.

The front 9 are a bit more subtle, they are a little bit more generous I guess. The back 9 are a bit more severe in places and the surface is different. It’s very new so the greens are a little too paced at times and you’ve just got to allow for that and just try and keep committing to the putts and trying to hit good roll and hopefully make a couple.

OLIVIA: Headed into round 2, are you happy where your game’s at?

JACK WILSON: Yeah, it’s been coming good for a while. I’ve got a sore wrist at the moment, it was good today, so hopefully it’s good in the rounds tomorrow and the rest of the week.

I hit it good from tee to green. I got pretty lucky at times today as well and I missed a couple of short ones, so I guess it all evens out, hopefully tomorrow everything can drop and everything goes my way and we’ll be talking again hopefully.

OLIVIA: Excellent great.