Jack Wilson | 2013 Australian PGA Championship | Final round – 10 Nov 13

What’s the immediate situation here now Jack, are you playing next week?

JACK WILSON:  Yeah, things stay the same for me now as they were for me prior to this event, I’m flying to Melbourne; not going to get my flight out tonight, so I will have to fly in tomorrow morning to play hopefully the best star invitation in the Pro AMs tomorrow afternoon, all depending on what flight I can get out of here, and then there is Masters, so I will be out there on Tuesday, walk around, get a feel for the course. I was lucky enough to get to play it a week before coming up here. It’s going to be tough, its going to be a tough week. It’s a grainy golf course I am just going to go through the process there and hopefully back up another good week and then it’s onto the NSW Open and the Australian Open after that and then some time off. It’s back to work for me, I have to do some hours in the shop and finish all the requirements for the traineeship and then look to play on for next week.

What I was referring on as well, when do you actually finish your traineeship?

JACK WILSON: So the traineeship will be, I will have everything completed by the end of the year, early December. I’ve completed the academics and other requirements. There will be some shop hours I will have to complete early in the next year. We will have a meeting with the PGA after the Australian Open and confirm the details there.

 Did you see the leader board up there at any stage? Did you dare to dream an upset win, after last year with Daniel and the Cinderella story, did you dare to dream for a second?

JACK WILSON: Yeah, we got here and I was talking to Steve, and even yesterday, last night, we were out for dinner, and winning was always the thing form start to finish what we wanted to do. We knew we were in a good position when we got of to a good start. With the wind the way it was, we just wanted to keep picking up and hopefully Scotty could stay where he was and we could climb up the leader board and see what could happen. I saw my name climbing up the leader board, you know it’s good to watch, it’s good to see getting up there, it’s exciting. I said to Steve when we walked off the fifth green, I made a couple of birdies I moved into 3rd “oh check it out I’m moving up!’ and you know more birdies was made and we kept watching. It’s good you know people say they never look at the leader board, but it’s so hard you know you can’t miss it, so you just have to take it in. The more I get in the habit of doing that, the easier it will be in the future.

Have you thought about what tour and where you want to play and produce some more results next year?

                   JACK WILSON: It’s something I will have to sit down and look at , I’m good mates with Marcus Fraser. I like the idea of going and playing in Europe, and even before that I would like to go over there and see what Europe is about. There is so many possibilities, Japan. All the Aussie guys do really well in Japan, I would like to go over there and see what that’s about. I’ve never been out of Australia, so its going to be a pretty big 12 months I think, a lot of places I want to go see.

Jack, can we just go back to that hour and ah lf you spent in that club house, you where your heart on your sleeve, how did you deal with that and then a double bogie straight after what did you do to compose yourself again?

                   JACK WILSON: The hour and half is tough, you don’t really know how to address it, this being my first event, only third tier one Australian event, and first event where we’ve had a rain delay, it was hard. We come in there is a lot of people. I did a media interview with channel 10, and sign a few autographs and then get inside, have something to eat, talk to my caddie and then I could feel my body starting to cease up a little bit so I went and had a stretch for about 20minutes. Sorted some flights out, I went and did some activation drills, go out on the range. And just stay in the moment, I didn’t want to sit down and switch off, we did everything great. Replicated that bunker shot I was going to have straight after and then hit some putts, trying to get a feel for the process and trying to change speed. You know I was happy with the way I prepared. The double was hard, Steve grabbed my shoulder and said “ Mate we still have plenty of holes to go, just keep at it, you’ve been driving great there is no reason why anything should change now”. It was just going through the process keeping everything the same. You’ve got to learn to compose, I’ve learnt to do this for three years now, and I keep learning.

You keep talking about Steve, is that your caddie?

                   JACK WILSON: Yeah Steve Sandlers, another trainee down here at Palm Meadows. It was a trainee team, he’s a third year as well. He was amazing this weekend, I have to thank him for all the hard work he ahs put in he was here well before every round. Every single shot we talked about it, exactly how far it was, from the front edge, the back edge where the landing area was. Every shot was deliberate; I can’t say throughout the tournament there wasn’t a shot that wasn’t deliberate.