DYLAN FRITTELLI: Couldn’t get the wind, extremely proud of the way I played. I fought hard today, made a couple mistakes early but really showed my metal and finished strongly on the back 9 with a 1 under.

Q. You played well the whole four rounds, pretty good golf?

DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, certainly, I’m very proud of the way I played. I struggled a little bit on the greens this week so I certainly was amazing off the tee and into the greens; something I’ll take out of this and certainly this experience in the playoff is something I’ll use in the future.

Q. Nathan Holman, he’s an Australian, tell us what it was like playing against him?

DYLAN FRITTELLI: I played with Nathan earlier this year in a recent Open on the European Tour, so when we were walking off the tee, I said, “Where did we play together?” and he was the guy that remembered.

Extremely proud of the way he played that playoff, he handled his nerves really well; hit two amazing shots into the green and really set it up pretty easy for himself, for sure.

The fans are happy to have him as a winner, but I feel the South African guys were just happy to be here and thanks a lot for inviting us.

Q. Your nerves going into the playoff, how did you feel?

DYLAN FRITTELLI: I felt good, I felt confident. I’ve got my own mental techniques and things that help me stay calm under pressure. I didn’t really feel much, besides the front 9 on 6 or 7, I was a little bit flustered but besides that, felt good all day and that’s another thing I’m proud of.

Q. You’ll be back to Australia?

DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, I hope so, I’d love to come back here next year and play in some of these tournaments. It’s a wonderful place. I feel comfortable here having finished 10th in the World Amateur Team Championship in Adelaide six years ago, so hopefully back.

Q. Thanks very much.

KATHIE SHEARER: Thank you very much for doing that.