CURTIS LUCK:  … I’ve had a good week here and all my playing partners have been great, so it’s just been a really great experience in all and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Q.  Can you talk us through your favourite moments of the week?

CURTIS LUCK:  Obviously playing with Jordan Spieth was something that not many amateurs get to experience, so playing with Jordan, and Geoff in fact, was awesome.  Got to play with Jhonattan on the last day, which was also wicked; but I think holing a couple of putts on the 18th in round 2 and 3 were pretty special.

Q.  Can you tell us what playing in your national Open means and how it helps you prepared for what is coming up with you next year?

CURTIS LUCK:   Yeah, all these opportunities that us Aussie amateurs are getting at the moment, like playing in your Aussie Opens and other events of that sort of level, it’s great experience for all of us, really good exposure, so I think talking for all of the amateurs that are here this week and have been playing these pro events of late, I think we obviously appreciate the tournament organisers for allowing us to enter the field and it really does help us obviously get ready for the next stage.

Q.  You were leading after the first round and you finished the leading amateur, are you happy with your performance and where you finished this week?

CURTIS LUCK:  Yeah, I probably didn’t hit it quite as well as I would like but that’s all part of it. You’ve got to be able manage yourself and I guess finish the day as good as you can.  So, I think I did that pretty well but yeah, definitely probably didn’t have, I would say I didn’t have my A game this week, but yeah, that’s how it goes and that’s golf.  I’m still happy with the way I finished and I stuck it out pretty well.

Q.  Thanks for joining us and congratulations on an excellent week.

CURTIS LUCK:  Thanks very much.