OLIVIA McMILLAN: Adam, thank you so much for joining us today.  Nice to see yourself nicely positioned at the top of the leader board heading into the final round?

ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, it was good today to make up a couple of shots and at least get in a share for the lead and stay in the final group for tomorrow.

But it’s a really bunched leader board and whoever has a good round tomorrow’s going to be able to do it. It’s a good course to post a number on, so the guys behind will certainly have that opportunity.

But if I keep playing solid and give myself some chances, hopefully I’ll make a couple tomorrow.

OLIVIA McMILLAN:  How tricky were conditions out there today with the wind?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, the wind was challenging but it’s probably the more favourable wind for this course.  For some reason there aren’t too many holes that play straight into the wind, so you can get a way with a bit more on those cross winds and for whatever reason it just sets up a little better on that south, south east and fortunately only a few holes that play straight into it.

Q. Adam, obviously three at the top of the leader board.  Three different players, three different levels of experience, is there a trap for you being obviously the public favourite, feeling that, how do you have to approach tomorrow, given that you’re sharing the lead with Wade and Scott?

ADAM SCOTT: For me tomorrow, I need to go out and get off to a good start. That’s the best thing I can do for so many reasons to give myself the advantage, whether it’s from a crowd cheering perspective and just the rhythm of the Tournament perspective.

But you’ve got Boo one back, any of these guys can get off to a good start and there’s no reason why not. It’s sitting all right there. The soft conditions are rewarding good shots still; so really important for me to start well tomorrow.

Q. We haven’t seen a super low round yet, do you think there’s one out there and could tomorrow be the day?

ADAM SCOTT: Well hopefully, it was tough today to go super low with tricky conditions but hopefully the wind’s down a little tomorrow and there could be a few birdies up for grabs out there.  Certainly there are some eagle looks as well, so, I just need to get a few putts going in.

Q. That’s what I was going to ask you actually Adam, watching you out there today, the number of putts you had that looked good, didn’t quite go in.  Was it frustrating out there for you?

ADAM SCOTT: It would be if it wasn’t so easy.  It was tough conditions so on a day like today it’s less frustrating to see a few slide by, because probably most people are struggling.  Scoring wasn’t great today, it was just average because of the tough conditions, so I kind of get away with that, but if that’s the case tomorrow, then I’ll probably not win.  The winner ends up making putts, so I need to make a few tomorrow.

Q. Adam, do you think that what happened last year on the Sunday, where you managed to come out and really on the back nine pull away.  Do you think that’s something you could possibly draw on tomorrow when you’re going round?

ADAM SCOTT: You draw on all previous experience, whether it’s here or any other tournament that you win, or lose and try and use that to your advantage.  Certainly I’ve got lots of experience to go off over my whole career.  I’ve been in this position a lot.  It’s worked out a lot of times and it hasn’t others, so I’ll try and do all the things I can to kind of give myself the advantage when I tee off tomorrow.

Q. Adam, you’re obviously mates with Wade.  I guess it must be a pleasure, to see him go well, but not too well tomorrow hopefully in terms of you, but can you give us the abridged version of your friendship?

ADAM SCOTT: Well we’ve known each other since we were probably 13 or 14 and grew up playing junior golf here.  It was really myself, Bads, Wade and Matt Jones were all about the same age. It’s pretty remarkable really to see us all out there successful as professionals. We even went to college at the same time in the States and played against each other in college, so we’ve known each other a long time.

Just really happy for Wade coming off a rough couple of years on the course and with limited status this year in Europe, to finish top Aussie in the race to Dubai I think this year he did and to kind of lock his place up and kind of control his own schedule next year.  It’s good for him.  I can see the confidence in him.  He’s playing well again this week. He’s played well the last few weeks and you can see what kind of effect that has on him; so I’m very happy for him.

Q. Adam, I thought your driving exhibition last year at this Tournament was as good as I’ve seen in a long while.  It appears as though it’s at that level almost again now. Would you agree with that?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, yesterday was great, yeah, certainly. I’m using the newer Titliest driver now and yesterday was the best I’ve driven the ball with that driver so far.  I’ve only been using it a couple of months, so it’s nice to see that falling into that high level of driving again.

But I’m swinging the club nicely this week and that’s certainly kept me in the event in these tough conditions.  Kind of stress free rounds in tough conditions feel good, so hopefully I’ve got plenty of energy for tomorrow.

Q. Adam, considering there are so many in contention in tomorrow’s final round, is it a case of you just putting on the blinkers and concentrating on what you’re doing or do you keep a mind’s eye on the others?

ADAM SCOTT: Well it is for a while, I mean there’s nothing I can do early on other than play golf and just go about my game plan and try and execute as best I can and obviously roll in all the putts.

But things will change throughout the day and they can change quickly out here, a bogey to a birdie or an eagle to a par on some of the par 5s, two shot swings can happen and as you get on the back nine you kind of need to know exactly what you need to do and when the time is right if you need to force something or take advantage of a par 5 if you can after a good drive and maybe go a little more at the pin than safe into the middle of the green. You’ve got to just weigh those things up and see how you’re feeling and you know whether you’ve got the shot or not; if you’re confident.

So things can change, but teeing off, you’re just going out like it’s another round.

OLIVIA McMILLAN: Thanks very much for your time today Adam; best of luck tomorrow.