Adam Scott | 2013 Emirates Australian Open | Final Round – 1 Dec 13

Q.  Obviously a tough way to finish but hopefully it won’t ruin what’s been an amazing summer that it’s been really great to see you here for.

ADAM SCOTT:  No, not at all.  I’m disappointed to make an error at the last and open the door for Rory.  I was kind of trying to keep it closed all day the best I could.  Nothing was going my way on the greens today.  I could have put this thing away I think early on if the putter was behaving how it should have, like it did the rest of the week but I just misjudged into the last and a player as good as Rory is going to take that opportunity.

Q.  What do you put the putter down to today?

ADAM SCOTT: Just slightly misread a few, just over-played the break.  I missed a lot of putts on the high side.  He did good putts and I just didn’t quite have the eye in.  it always gets a little trickier on a Sunday.

Q.  Is it golf, when you think you might have it all under control it can get to you and bite you like that?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, absolutely it does it on a daily basis to everyone out here.  It was going to be a tough day no matter what and Rory made his move and I just couldn’t knock in the putts you expect to make.  I’ve made them all week but slight mis-reads and not quite the right pace, didn’t match.

Q. Adam, when was the last time you played four weeks in a row?

ADAM SCOTT: Too long ago [LAUGHS].

Q.  Mate, in terms of the whole year though, when you look back in a couple of weeks at the year as a whole, what are you going to be thinking about then?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it’s been a great year.  Obviously I didn’t want to finish like that.   If I didn’t play any good the first few days and played great today and finished second I’d be pretty chuffed going into Christmas, so that’s how I should look at it.  I’ll get over this tonight and look forward to a few weeks rest and get ready to go next year.

Q.  You’re a pretty calm guy Adam, are you feeling pain at the moment?  Are you hurting about what happened?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I just made an error on the last, misjudged the wind and hit too much club into the last, so that’s the way it goes.  I felt I did everything right.  I was concerned about how I was going to hit it today because I haven’t been swinging the club very well for the last two weeks and I played really nicely and the putter didn’t behave itself [LAUGHS].  So it’s just the way golf is.  I’m gutted.  I felt like I never had a better chance to win the Aussie Open but it was tight the whole back nine.  Rory played so good.

Q.  Thank you Adam, thank you for your time.  You’ve been very generous with us all.

ADAM SCOTT: Thank you.